Guduchi Himalaya - Herbal Rejuvenator that Improves Body’s Resistant Power

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Published: 19th September 2012
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Guduchi has botanical name as ‘Tinospora Cordifolia’ and this medicinal herb is numerous common names as 'Giloya', ‘Amrita’, ‘Gulanshe’, ‘Gulancha’ and ‘Tinospara’. The word Guduchi means "the one who protects the body". This herbal plant is widely used in the rejuvenating range of Ayurvedic tonics, due to its optimum potency in maintaining immune health. Guduchi herb is well-known for its numerous medicinal benefits and it has diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, anti-allergic and antipyretic properties.

From ancient time, in Ayurvedic Medicinal System, Guduchi herb is used to treat numerous body ailments. It enhances the immune system of the body by increasing the efficacy of protective white blood cells which helps to build up and improve body’s defence mechanism to fight against infections. Guduchi herb has diuretic properties that efficiently reduces urea in blood and helps to removes urinary stones. Thus, it is widely used component in various Ayurvedic Rasayanas.

Health Benefits of Guduchi Herb:

Guduchi or Tinospora Cordifolia herb has the following health benefits:

• Immunity Enhancer: Guduchi is well-known to build up the immune system. According to the research, this herb enhances the ability of White Blood Cells (WBC), macrophages and other immune cells to fight against external materials entering the body.
• Fever: Guduchi has anti-pyretic property and act as a tonic after fever. It is also effective against alternative fever like Malaria. It is useful in acute fevers and also in chronic fevers or pyrexia. Fresh decoction in dose of 15 ml or tablet of 250 mg should be given 3 times day for one week.
• Kidney Stones: Due to diuretic property presented in Guduchi herb, it is used in the treatments of several urinary disorders such as renal calculi.
• Improves Memory: It is an excellent natural memory booster that supports brain health, improves mental clarity and concentration, and develops mental intelligence. In Charaka Samhita - the oldest and most potent book of Ayurvedic Medicine, this herb is described as one of the Medhya Rasayana means mental rejuvenative.
• Supports Liver Health: This therapeutic herb helps to regenerate liver tissues and repairs fibrosis. It acts as a natural liver protector and protects the liver from damage, alcohol poisoning, viral hepatitis, medicinal drugs or different chemicals.
• Joint Pain: Guduchi herb has anti-Inflammatory property that helps to treat joints pain like arthritis and gout etc.
• Digestive Disorders - It is effectively used to treat constipation, haemorrhoids, intestinal bleeding, hyperacidity, flatulence, and dysentery. It also helps to improve digestion process.
• Eye Disorders - Guduchi herb supports eye health and is used in the treatment of several eye disorders as it is a tissue builder.
• Skin Infections: It is a very virtuous natural remedy for various skin infections such as eczema, psoriasis, acne etc.
• Diabetes: It is also an effective herbal product for diabetic patients as this herb helps regulate the sugar level in blood.

Guduchi herb is also effective in a number of other ailments like seminal weakness, chronic diarrhoea, urinary affections, degenerative disorders and anaemia. This herb is capable in exhibiting anti-aging effect. It functions as a strong blood purifier. This herb is also prescribed to cancer patients before and after chemo-therapy.

Guduchi Herb from Himalaya Herbals

Himalaya Guduchi is a pure herb extracts available in capsules form and is an indigenous herbal product from the renowned Himalaya Herbals brand. All the products from Himalaya Herbals have been guan through the clinical trials to meet the standards and to ensure consistent quality and performance. Worldwide it is authorized by over 250,000 doctors and used by consumers in over 60 countries.

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